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10 years, 11 months ago 0

Hey everyone, apologies for the slow updates on Ikaroids HD for the iPad – rest assured this is because we’re working hard to revamp the iPad version to the highest standard that we can. What I can tell you is that it’s looking gorgeous, and you can expect to see more updates on the way. […]

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Well work is proceeding very nicely on Ikaroids HD. But in other news, we have another upcoming game app for the iPhone, called, in case you haven’t guessed, Knight Terrors! It’s a action based tower defense game featuring crushable enemies and interactive level elements that you can harness to annihilate your opponents. It’s also an […]

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Our first Xbox Live Indie Games title ‘Ikaroids’ is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace! Ikaroids is an action packed twin-stick arcade style shooter wtih a unique physics and game engine that encourages you to use parts of the scenary in a defensive manner while avoiding devastating collisions with the asteroids. The main campaign […]