Iron Star Media primarily develop apps and games in-house or in close partnerships with other businesses, but we do occasionally take on interesting client work and projects.

Game Programming

Our developers have experience programming games for the PC, OSX and Linux as well as the Xbox 360, iOS and Android. We are particularly interested in working on projects that require high-performance C++ or Objective-C/Swift code and have experience working on HLSL/GLSL shaders, as well as optimising code bases and porting projects to an alternative platform.

Scientific Programming

As one of our company directors has a PhD in Applied Mathematics and the other has a PhD in Medical Physics, we are in a good position to take on work that requires a deep understanding of mathematical and scientific premises. Having a background in media and game-based applications means that we are in a good position to ensure that our application not only crunches the right numbers, but also looks good for stakeholders at the same time.