OSX Image Resizer


Batch Image Resizer performs one simple task in a fast and easy to use way – resizing a large number of images quickly on your computer. The software allows you to resize a collection of images (from 10’s to 1000’s) so that they are all resized to a specific width or height while maintaining their original aspect ratio. You can also resize your images so that they all fit within a specific sized box (useful for resizing images for eBay for instance).

Batch Image Resizer will open the following file formats; JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, TGA. The current version saves files in the following formats; JPEG or PNG-24. Saving your files as JPEGs allows you to resize your photo collection for archiving or emailing to family. Saving your files as 24-Bit PNGs maintains full alpha channel support so that you can resize icon-sets or buttons for your website without losing transparent or semi-transparent backgrounds.

Download OS X Batch Image Resizer

The new OS X Batch Image Resizer requires OS X Yosemite.

Latest Version: Batch Image Resizer 0.9.6 (Zip)

Old Version

Due to a hard drive crash in the days before Dropbox and Google Drive, the original version of OS X Image Resizer was lost. However, if you are not running Yosemite yet and would like to use the old version of this application – then we have uploaded the last build below.

Download OS X Image Resizer 0.9.2 (Zip)


Iron Star Media Ltd have recently published Pixel Grinder for OSX Lion on the Mac App Store. Pixel Grinder is a Batch Image Processor that allows you to resize thousands of images, much like our OSX Image Resizer – but it also allows you to apply filters and add watermarks to your images at the same time. If you need something a little more comprehensive than OSX Image Resizer, please consider trying Pixel Grinder from the OSX App Store.

Pixel Grinder on the Mac App Store

Pixel Grinder Website