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Ikaroids (Xbox 360) has been entered into the Shmup (Shoot-em-up) forever contest at Starting on September 1st the competition will run throughout September. There will be over 40 game codes given away to voters, so it’s definitely worth heading over to place your vote when the contest starts.¬†More information to come when the competition […]

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We’ve been beavering away at our next release here at Iron Star Media Ltd and we’re happy to announce that our iPad port of Ikaroids (Ikaroids HD) is now nearing Beta Testing. We’d like to invite anyone that is interested in helping us to bring our latest creation to the market to apply to be […]

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There have been some enquiries about the status of the latest version of the Fancy Bitmap Font Generator, so I wanted to post a screenshot and let you all know how it’s coming along.¬†First of all, it’s easiest to explain how the next version of the software will work with a quick screenshot; In order […]

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We’ve been a little overworked as of late with the horror that is real life, but we’ve found some time to put together a few more assets for XNA / iPhone / Flash Game Developers. We’re thinking of starting to have ‘themed months’ for our giveaways, as we’ve come to realise that we’re just kind […]

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With our next XNA title well underway, we’re excited to announce that Ikaroids has been reduced in price to only 80 Microsoft Points. That’s right, for only a dollar you can get your hands on an action packed dual stick shooter with over 20 campaign levels and 9 survival stages. Plans have begun for a […]

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With all of the announcements about the iPad and the iPhone 4.0 OS, this is probably going to pale a little in comparison… However, we have just finished work on a small selection of new game music tracks that you’re free to use in a prototype / finished version of any XNA or Flash projects […]

Hello everyone, something for you here – a selection of hi-res photo-quality textures, some of which tile and some that are standalone. In all there are 7 tiling textures, and 5 that do not. We’ve placed them on our newly added assets area for your enjoyment – you can find the textures, along with our […]

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We’ve been working hard on our future Xbox projects and wanted to post a small teaser image from our latest Xbox Live Independent Game, ‘Sentinel’. We’re not going to tell you too much more about it yet, but we’re trying to revamp some old classic game ideas and bring them into the 21st century…

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Apologies to all, unfortunately there won’t be any free assets this week, as we’re pretty snowed under. However, don’t lose heart, as we plan to make it up to you next week with something a little bit special. See you then, and again, sorry for the wait!

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First of all, sorry this is a couple of days late, but hopefully you’ll find some use for it regardless. This week, up for download is a set of generic platform game tiles, although if you can find another use for them, feel free! Also included for kicks are sprites for a key item and […]