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OSX Batch Image Resizer is a free utility developed by Iron Star Media to make it quick and easy to resize a bunch of images. This product compliments our full-featured image processor Pixel Grinder and provides basic features for home users that simply need to resize a few hundred holiday snaps to uploading to the […]

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Version 1.0.1 of Iron Star Media’s Batch Image Processor and Resizer, Pixel Grinder, was today released for users of OSX Lion through the Mac App Store. Pixel Grinder allows you to resize, watermark and modify thousands of images with just a few clicks of your mouse. This minor patch fixes a few bugs in the […]

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Iron Star Media are proud to announce that we have 3 copies of Pixel Grinder – Batch Image Processor for OSX to giveaway to a number of our followers on Twitter. Simply follow @IronStarMedia and retweet the following tweet to enter; “Win one of three copies of Pixel Grinder – Batch Image Processor (OSX). Follow […]

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Pixel Grinder, our Batch Image Processor application for OSX Lion, is available now on the Mac App Store for only £4.99. While we continue to support and provide our free OSX Image Resizer, Pixel Grinder’s new architecture allows you to apply more advanced filters to thousands images with just a few clicks of your mouse […]

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Something a little different today, just a little bit of eye candy for you. Since Ikaroids HD is going really speedy, we thought we’d share a little bit of the artwork in the form of an iPad wallpaper! The image was painted by hand, except for the background part, which was made using some cunning […]

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Hey everyone! What with Minecraft currently talking up a storm, it seemed topical to choose mines as the theme for the latest asset giveaway. Here then is the first in a series of similarly themed free game assets – a prototype tileset for a mine-based platformer! The tileset includes all the basic surfaces, including a […]

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Hey everyone, apologies for the slow updates on Ikaroids HD for the iPad – rest assured this is because we’re working hard to revamp the iPad version to the highest standard that we can. What I can tell you is that it’s looking gorgeous, and you can expect to see more updates on the way. […]

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Well work is proceeding very nicely on Ikaroids HD. But in other news, we have another upcoming game app for the iPhone, called, in case you haven’t guessed, Knight Terrors! It’s a action based tower defense game featuring crushable enemies and interactive level elements that you can harness to annihilate your opponents. It’s also an […]

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Ikaroids (Xbox 360) has officially been entered into the XBLA.FR SHMUP Forever Competition. All you have to do is post a message in their forums stating which games you like the best and you could stand a chance to win a copy of some of those games! You can read more about the contest over […]

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As we’re unable to use the XBox Live automatically generated 3d avatars we had in place for the XBox 360 version of Ikaroids, it was a good excuse to crank out a bunch of anime-esque static avatars that will be appearing in our upcoming iPad/iPhone version of Ikaroids HD. To mark the upcoming beta version, […]