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We’ve been working hard on our future Xbox projects and wanted to post a small teaser image from our latest Xbox Live Independent Game, ‘Sentinel’. We’re not going to tell you too much more about it yet, but we’re trying to revamp some old classic game ideas and bring them into the 21st century…

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It’s worth remembering that while graphics can look pretty, it’s important not to let them dominate at the expense of other crucial elements. In this post I’m going to talk about the process of level design in the context of Ikaroids, including topics such as pacing, spacing of elements, and general look, feel and theme.

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Well, Ikaroids is very, very close to a final release, we’re just in that last no-man’s land known as playtesting. Which basically amounts to us, and anyone else willing to do so, playing the hell out of this game. It also means that the above screens are a little out of date, as so much […]