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With our next XNA title well underway, we’re excited to announce that Ikaroids has been reduced in price to only 80 Microsoft Points. That’s right, for only a dollar you can get your hands on an action packed dual stick shooter with over 20 campaign levels and 9 survival stages. Plans have begun for a […]

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Hello everyone, something for you here – a selection of hi-res photo-quality textures, some of which tile and some that are standalone. In all there are 7 tiling textures, and 5 that do not. We’ve placed them on our newly added assets area for your enjoyment – you can find the textures, along with our […]

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Apologies to all, unfortunately there won’t be any free assets this week, as we’re pretty snowed under. However, don’t lose heart, as we plan to make it up to you next week with something a little bit special. See you then, and again, sorry for the wait!

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First of all, sorry this is a couple of days late, but hopefully you’ll find some use for it regardless. This week, up for download is a set of generic platform game tiles, although if you can find another use for them, feel free! Also included for kicks are sprites for a key item and […]

We are happy to announce the initial testing release of our Fancy Bitmap Font Generator utility for Game Developers. While specifically designed for XNA developers to quickly add nice sprite fonts to their games, I’m sure you could use this in a large variety of environments without too much pain.   To read more about […]

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I just wanted to post a quick apology that this Tuesday’s game assets didn’t go out as planned. Rest assured that they are coming – but for one week only we will be delivering on a Wednesday instead. Consider it like ‘late mail’ because of all of the snow!  The reason it’s taken a bit […]

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Ikaroids is a fast-paced dual-stick shooter for the Xbox 360 that is available now on the Xbox Live Marketplace. With over 23 campaign stages and a challenging survival mode, Ikaroids combines the classic arcade-style shooter with modern-day physics and effects. This week, we’re giving away 3 copies of Ikaroids. For your chance to win a […]

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We are happy to announce that the first official patch for Ikaroids is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Patch 1.07 (excuse the strange numbering system) addresses a few issues that were affecting some players with regards to the logic of the survival stages. We have also added persistent options to the game so […]

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We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from the Iron Star Media offices. We hope that you have some great festivities planned and that you have a well deserved break from work and real life! Keep your eyes peeled for more game developer freebies and some free copies of Ikaroids that we’ll be giving away in […]

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Our first Xbox Live Indie Games title ‘Ikaroids’ is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace! Ikaroids is an action packed twin-stick arcade style shooter wtih a unique physics and game engine that encourages you to use parts of the scenary in a defensive manner while avoiding devastating collisions with the asteroids. The main campaign […]