Free Game Assets 12; User Interface Themes

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We’ve been a little overworked as of late with the horror that is real life, but we’ve found some time to put together a few more assets for XNA / iPhone / Flash Game Developers. We’re thinking of starting to have ‘themed months’ for our giveaways, as we’ve come to realise that we’re just kind of firing assets out like the randomly generated guns from Borderlands.

So, what do we have this week?

We’ve been trying to put together some more interface graphics to help make your user interfaces more friendly and shiny. We’ve tried to keep them reasonably generic, so that you can brand them up with your game’s logo and your own font, but the goal is to give you the chance to get to your first prototype as quickly as possible. The obligatory screenshots follow;

Free High Definition Grunge Theme for your XNA Game

Free High Definition Grunge Theme for your XNA Game (Click to Enlarge)

High Definition Victorian Theme for your XNA Game

High Definition Victorian Theme for your XNA Game (Click to Enlarge)

These themes come with a background image (the Victorian Theme has 3 colour variations for the background image), a full screen overlay panel and a half screen overlay panel (for two player games, etc). The panels can easily be scaled down to the desired size if they are too big for what you need them for. Imagery is provided at full 1920x1080p and the full screen overlay should allow for overscan (although, you might want to shrink it an extra 10-15% for the Xbox 360).

Download the themes from our online asset library; Iron Star Media’s Grunge Theme, Iron Star Media’s Victorian Theme

I’d like to finish with a quick shameless plug… If you’ve not already heard the news, our Xbox 360 Shooter Ikaroids has recently been reduced to only 80 Microsoft Points, give it a look!

The free game assets on this site are released under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence. This basically means that you can download them, use them in your game(s) and modify them as you like. If you use them in your games, we’d appreciate a small mention somewhere in the credits / on the website (and a free copy of the game would be cool!). Basically, the only thing we don’t want you to do with our assets is sell them as assets to other developers, either individually, or as part of a collection.

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