Free Game Assets 09; Generic Platform Game Tiles

11 years, 7 months ago 0

First of all, sorry this is a couple of days late, but hopefully you’ll find some use for it regardless. This week, up for download is a set of generic platform game tiles, although if you can find another use for them, feel free! Also included for kicks are sprites for a key item and a coin item. Below is a sample screen showing an example of the tiles in action:

Example screen showing how the tiles fit together.

Included in the pack are:

  • Bricks (tiles in all directions)
  • Grass (tiles horizontally)
  • Grass with rocks (horizontal)
  • Soil (multidirectional)
  • Soil with rocks (multidirectional)
  • Snow top (horizontal)
  • Snow (multidirectional)
  • Brown stone top (horizontal)
  • Brown stone (multidirectional)
  • Grey stone top (horizontal)
  • Grey stone (multidirectional)
  • Key sprite
  • Coin sprite

Which just about covers it! All sprites are in PNG-24 format and are 256 x 256 each. For the full pack, click here:

The free game assets on this site are released under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence. This basically means that you can download them, use them in your game(s) and modify them as you like. If you use them in your games, we’d appreciate a small mention somewhere in the credits / on the website (and a free copy of the game would be cool!). Basically, the only thing we don’t want you to do with our assets is sell them as assets to other developers.

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