Free Game Assets 07; Game Icon Pack

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A day later than originally planned thanks to the genius idea of writing a sprite-font generator for scratch instead of just putting together in Photoshop, we present to you… The Iron Star Media Free Game Assets Pack 07 – Game Icons 01. This pack provides you with; Network game lobby icons (5 icons in 5 different colour sets), a pack of generic icons and media icons (in 3 colour sets), some alternative xbox controller button icons and some Sprite Fonts generated from our upcoming software the ‘Fancy Bitmap Font Generator’.

Here is a sample of what you will find in the pack (not all icons are shown);

Sample Icons / Spritefonts from our Free Icon Pack  (Click to Enlarge)

Sample Icons / Spritefonts from our Free Icon Pack (Click to Enlarge)

So, if it’s icons that you’re looking for, why not download the Iron Star Media Free Game Assets Pack 07 – Icon Pack 01? As per usual, you can pretty much do what you like with this stuff apart from sell it. Although, if you use them in your project, a charity purchase of Ikaroids wouldn’t go amiss!

Don’t forget, that you can win a copy of Ikaroids by entering our competition which ends on Friday 15th January 2010. To find out how you could win a copy of Ikaroids, read about our Ikaroids Competition here.

The free game assets on this site are released under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence. This basically means that you can download them, use them in your game(s) and modify them as you like. If you use them in your games, we’d appreciate a small mention somewhere in the credits / on the website (and a free copy of the game would be cool!). Basically, the only thing we don’t want you to do with our assets is sell them as assets to other developers.

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