Ikaroids; Now Available on the Xbox Live Marketplace!

11 years, 9 months ago 0

Our first Xbox Live Indie Games title ‘Ikaroids’ is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace! Ikaroids is an action packed twin-stick arcade style shooter wtih a unique physics and game engine that encourages you to use parts of the scenary in a defensive manner while avoiding devastating collisions with the asteroids. The main campaign features 23 varied missions with a massive variety of bad-guys, bosses and story-twists. When you’ve mastered all three difficulty levels of the main campaign there are 9 addictive survival stages for you to challenge. If that were not enough, you can play through the game alone or in co-op mode and you can submit your high scores to an online scoreboard using your PC.

You can download Ikaroids from your Xbox by browsing to Game Marketplace -> Indie Games. There you can list games by title and find Ikaroids for your gaming fun. Alternatively, you can buy Ikaroids from your PC, so that it’ll simply download and install the next time you turn on your Xbox. Download Ikarois now from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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