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Here at Iron Star Media Ltd. we still very much learning the ropes when it comes to generating assets for our games. However, we’re in the fortunate position in that we’ve had a reasonable amount of experience playing around with Photoshop and Garageband in our spare time.

This post marks the first release of free assets that we would like to release to the community to help other independent developers who need assets for their games.

Below you will find a small collection of MP3s that you are free to use in your own game title. All that is required in return is that you credit us somewhere in your release notes. Of course, if you make it rich from a game that uses a selection of our assets, we won’t mind if you want to donate us a few pennies for our work.

The first assets we would like to release are tracks that never quite made it into our first XNA title – mostly because the theme just wasn’t right for our game. We’re still getting to grips with our music generating software, so we apologise if these tracks aren’t brilliant, but please bear in mind it’s the start of something that will just get better and better! We also hope that this starts a trend that of giving away assets that we can try to keep up on a weekly basis.

The tracks that you can download and use in your XNA / iPhone game projects this week are;

Menu 001 – Some relatively ‘spacey’ menu music for a space based game.

Random 001 – Some reasonably generic drum-beat game music.

Random 002 – A little bit ‘folky’, this might make good tavern or docks music for an RPG!

Orchestral 001 – This is something a little more epic. I’m not sure where you would use this, but it might work for some FMV or equivalent!?

I hope that someone out there finds this useful. We’ll try to bring you another release of free assets (of some random variety) sometime next week!

As always, please leave any comments or thoughts in the boxes below.

Edit. Please let us know if you have any requests for types of music. We won’t make it to exact specifications, but if you would like something in a specific genre (e.g. more menu music, or friendly platformer music) that would give me a goal for future tracks. These were just me getting used to the software and I’d like to develop by making more in-depth (and better) tracks!

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