Free Game Assets 03; Low-Poly Sports Models

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Another Tuesday and another pack of free game assets. This week we’ve been learning how to use XSI Mod Tool Pro (the free assets should get much better when we’ve had some good experience using these tools!). In order to celebrate, we’ve been working on some free 3D models for indie developers.

I’m not going to lie, these models are not Picasso quality. We’ve intentionally kept the polygon count down quite low (you could probably get away with these in an iPhone game as well as an Xbox game). These models are of some sports equipment and are intended to be used from a reasonably far away camera / for a split-screen game etc. They don’t hold up too well when you zoom in full screen on them, nor are they supposed too – we wanted something you could either use during your prototyping or in the background of your game.

Please note that, apart from the baseball bat; these models are not textured.

You should be able to find some good textures on some stock photo sites for free (or near to it), but we didn’t feel that we could package those sorts of images with these models. The baseball bat texture is made by our own hands, so you can do what you will with that.

XNA Baseball Bat Model

XNA Baseball Bat Model

XNA Ping Pong Paddle

XNA Ping Pong Paddle

The pack contains – A textured baseball bat, an american football, a ping pong paddle, a javelin and a hockey stick. Files are in XSI format for use in SoftImage Mod Tool. If you need them in an alternative format, just let us know. Download the pack from here; Iron Star Media Free Game Assets 03 – Low Poly Sports Models.

As always, if you have any specific requests for what type of assets we should be giving away, just leave a comment below and we’ll do our best.

The free game assets on this site are released under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence. This basically means that you can download them, use them in your game(s) and modify them as you like. If you use them in your games, we’d appreciate a small mention somewhere in the credits / on the website. Basically, the only thing we don’t want you to do with our assets is sell them as assets to other developers.

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