Ikaroids: Playtesting… Nearly there

11 years, 11 months ago 0


Well, Ikaroids is very, very close to a final release, we’re just in that last no-man’s land known as playtesting. Which basically amounts to us, and anyone else willing to do so, playing the hell out of this game. It also means that the above screens are a little out of date, as so much has changed since!

The XNA playtesting community has been utterly invaluable. The people there have been amazingly helpful, not pulling any punches when it comes to pointing out what could be improved, little nasty bugs that slipped by us, and giving us a valuable perspective that you can sometimes lose when you’ve been working on a game for this many months.

They’ve also told us that while the game is difficult, it’s also fun to play. And this is music to our ears. So after we get over this final run of playtesting, and there’s no further issues we’re aware of, Ikaroids will be unleashed on the general public on the XBox Marketplace! We hope everyone else enjoys it as much as the great folks at the XNA playtesting community do. They’ve been a massive help, and gone a long way to keeping us focussed. Thanks a lot guys!


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